IMG_2072Throughout the day, it’s easy to drift off into la-la land and get lost in a day dream.  A lot of us  have big dreams of what we want to accomplish and a clear picture of the life we want to live…some day but we waste a lot of time dreaming, when we could be turning our dreams into goals, creating an action plan, and making it happen.  Dreaming is easy – the hard part  is figuring out where to start.  So, let’s do some Reverse Engineering to make those dreams a reality!


A dream becomes a goal once you set a deadline.  This gets the ball rolling!  When you set a deadline, you’re making a decision to work at something.


After setting a deadline write down every single thing that needs to be done to accomplish your goal.  Get detailed here.  Your list should include even the smallest tasks that must be completed. Then, break down larger tasks into even smaller ones.


Now that you have a list of tasks, don’t get overwhelmed!  Organizing your tasks into the following categories will make the order in which you need to work

1.) Research – Here’s the cool part: anything you want to do, it’s very likely that someone else has not only done it, but is willing to inform you how.  You have access to the information, so do your research. Youtube, anyone?

2.) First – After your research is complete, what tasks must be completed first to set you into motion?  It’s that simple!  This is where you start!

3.) During – This category includes tasks that you can work on along the way.  You will address them when the time is right.

4.) Later –  This includes anything that can wait and anything that doesn’t make sense to do right now.


You’ve created a plan, now it’s time to get to moving!  Each day, put three new tasks on your to-do list, and check them off! (Think bite-sized to-do’s – it should take no more than 30 minutes a day to accomplish each item on your list.)

When you have a big goal, it’s easy to get over whelmed.  Don’t let this stop you!  By learning all you can and creating a plan based on the experiences of those who have already achieved success in the area that you want to focus, you are designing a foundation for your own success in making your dreams a reality.

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