Maybe you’ve dreamed of achieving something great, or you’ve set a goal for yourself, but you feel like you’re not making any progress.  Whatever it is that has you feeling stuck, I want to share with you three tips to help you get unstuck.


Ask for advice from someone who’s been there and done that – someone who’s been successful and someone who’s going to tell it like it is.  Yeah, it might sting a little, but it won’t kill you.  It will make you a little uncomfortable, but guess what happens when we get uncomfortable?  We change. We adjust. We MOVE!


I know you’re a little scared of what might happen.  But if you know it’s right, and it’s something you need to do, well then just do it!

I know you know what I’m talking about.  What’s that one thing you know you need to do that you’ve been avoiding?  Making a phone call?  Scheduling a meeting?  Reading a book? Signing up for a class?  What is it?  It doesn’t have to be anything huge.  In fact, it might only take a few minutes, but it’s step one.


Finally, if you feel stuck, but you also know you’ve been trying as hard as you can to make changes, you probably haven’t set small enough milestones.

What action, what baby steps can you take each day (not weekly or monthly, but daily) to keep moving forward?

It’s hard to keep moving toward a goal seems so far away.  But by setting daily milestones for yourself, you’ll see that you’re making progress and will stay motivated to keep at it until you reach your big goal.

Surround yourself with successful people that want to be a part of your success. This is how you will get unstuck….and I know you will!!

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