IMG_7012Are you one of those people that truly believe you have bad luck? So many people assume they have no control over how things turn out.  They believe they’ve tried everything they possibly can, and when it comes down to it, success is really just a matter of luck.  And successful people are simply luckier than others.  Not true! You have total control over your situation and the opportunities that come your way.

Can you turn the universe in your favor?  You say you’ve tried everything… so what’s missing?  Well, it might be a little difficult to accept but it is: it’s your attitude.

Have you ever notice how when you pick a line at the grocery store, you naturally gravitate toward the person standing tall, with shoulders back, and a bit of a smile on their face over the person slouching and looking miserable?  We naturally go to the person that is showing a better energy and attitude.

The same is true of opportunities.  When you have a good attitude, more people will want to be around you and spend time with you. And when opportunities arise, you’ll be the first person they think of because of your attitude. You’ll build better relationships which means more connections, possibilities, and opportunities.  Your attitude can actually attract better opportunities to you!

So what kind of attitude do you have?  What kind of energy do you attract?  Anyone can pretend to be positive and a team player, but a bad attitude really can’t be hidden for long.  As soon as you are pushed, your true colors will show.

Most people don’t think they’ve got a bad attitude.  But, have you ever assumed that the negative things happening in your life are a result of bad luck, or a lack of education, your upbringing, the wrong circumstances, etc.?  If so, your attitude may be in need of a little tweaking.  But can’t we all afford to have a little bit of a better attitude?

Here’s the good news:  you can change your attitude!  How do you do that?  Well, there’s a number of ways, but one of the best is by improving your confidence.  Change the beliefs you have about yourself.  Know that what you focus on becomes your reality.  When you focus on the negative, or worry about what other people might be thinking, the negative becomes your reality and your attitude.  When you focus on the positive, your confidence and attitude will improve, and your life will truly change.


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