From time to time, we all worry, but do you spend too much time feeling fear and anxiety over minor events?  Worry is a fear, and it’s the second most common reason why people feel stuck.  They feel unable to move forward because they fear what might happen if they do.  But you don’t have to let worry take over your life, and you can conquer that fear with a few simple steps.  Since most of our fear comes from thinking about what might happen in the future, let’s figure out how you can handle that fear and how you can worry less.

Making up awful stories of all the horrible things that can happen and running over them again and again in your mind won’t solve anything.  We have no way of telling what might happen in the future.  However, in most situations, we do have a couple of options.  What will solve this? taking out a pen and piece of paper, figuring out your options, and making a plan.


1.) What can I control? You can eliminate 99% of your worry just by factoring in the pieces of the situation that you can control.  So what do you have control over?  Well, we all have control over how we handle things and how to deal with it.  We have control over our attitudes, and in most instances, we have a great deal of control over the decisions we make.

2.) What could possibly happen?  Think objectively about the possibilities.  Start with the worst.  Then, move to the second worst possibility, and then possibilities that might not be that bad, and then those that would be fantastic.  When you identify the worst thing that could possibly happen and figure out how you would handle it, most of your worry will disappear.

3.) What are my options?  While you can’t control what other people think or how they behave, you do have options.   With each possible situation, what options do you have and which would you choose?  Knowing what your options are will give you that piece of mind and a sense of calm.

With the right plan and belief in yourself, you can handle anything that comes your way.  So instead of worrying about it without really thinking things through, sit down with pen and paper and start working through the possibilities. Know what you’re going to do, because with a plan, you can handle anything!

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