Do you have negative people in your life?

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Do you have negative people in your life?  Well, I have four tips to help you deal with negativity and stay focused on the positive.

But first, know that it is not your responsibility to make another person happy.  Negativity comes from those who are unhappy with themselves or their own circumstances.  However, it might be directed at you because you have triggered something in them… whatever it is remember it is their problem, not yours.

But there are ways to deal with these people without letting it affect your own positive attitude. This are the steps that work for me.


1. Respond with Kindness.

Always respond with kindness and  love in your heart.  You can have empathy for their situation or what they might be feeling, but also know it’s their “issue” not yours.

2. Respond with a Smile or “Thank You.”

If someone has a negative comment to make, just smile, or reply with a “thank you” to put an end to the conversation.  Disputing or arguing with them only heightens negativity.  Remember, while you might not be able to change the person’s attitude, your reaction is the one thing you can control.

3. Let it Go.

Hanging on to a person’s negative comments gives their negativity more energy and brings you down. You must decide to let it go.


Ignore it. Finally, when all else fails, just ignore it. Don’t let it the negativity affect you.  Remind yourself that it’s not your issue, let go of whatever was said, and move forward!


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