Everyone can adopt any habit they want. There’s only one condition though: You need a good reason to make a change

And in 99% of cases, the reason to change comes from personal suffering, sadness, and hurt. At some point, you can’t stand your current behavior anymore.

Don’t worry about how you will change. Focus on what habits you want to form and why.

Someone recently asked me about my current habits, I decided to share them here — with a brief explanation of why the habits are good for.

1. Do a full-body workout with weights 3 times a week

Strength training has several benefits. It protects bone health, muscle mass, keeps you lean, increases energy levels, and prevents injuries.

2. Set 3-4 daily priorities

This is one of the best productivity strategies there is. We all know that focus is what brings us results.

No focus? No results. So how do you focus? By limiting your options and tasks. Elimination is the key.

Be very clear about what you want to achieve every single day, week, and year

3. Read 60 minutes a day

I get it, you’re too busy to read. Or maybe you just don’t like to read.

Reading is essential for your cognition. Reading will also turn you into a better thinker and writer.

4. Sleep 7-8 hours a night

Never sacrifice sleep for anything

5. Walk 30 minutes a day

If you can’t MAKE the time to go for a daily walk, you’re not in control of your life.

But I go for a daily walk because it breaks the pattern of our mundane lives. Look, we can’t deny that life is routine. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

But when you walk outside, you’re forced to be one with the world. It heightens your senses. You can go alone or with someone else. You can have a good conversation. Or you can simply enjoy the surroundings.

6. Follow the intermittent fasting eating pattern

There are some health benefits associated with intermittent fasting.

7. Be present

We’re so focused on our goals that we forget to enjoy the present moment. This is one of my biggest pitfalls.

I really need to remind myself EVERY SINGLE day that I should enjoy the now

8. Practice kindness & love

We all treat our love like it’s a depletable resource. That’s false. Love is unlimited and never runs out. You can give it away as much as you like.

So give this a try. Realize that you have an unlimited resource. Give some of your love and kindness away every day.

9. Journal or write every day

I need to get my thoughts in order every day. I do that by writing. That helps me to focus on what matters to me. That’s why I journal.

10. Drink at least 10 glasses of water

Don’t think that I need to explain the benefits, do I?

The secret to these 10 habits. They are all small. And the daily progress you make seems insignificant.

You will only see the return it has on your life over time. You must stick to these habits until your life gets better.

And when that happens, you’ll keep going — not because you have to, but because you want to.

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