Cant believe the holidays are here! Hopefully this posts helps last minute mamas like me.

We own some of these, or some variation of them, and others are just things I am eying.

I tried to pick items that were mostly on Prime, but I know with Amazon that doesn’t always stay consistent.  I will also be sharing in stories on Instagram many of the items up close so you can see them from different angles.

1.Girls cranberry and silver plaid dress and coat

2Girls coat set

A different version of the first one on the list since sizes tend to be limited this time of the year

3. Girls sweater dress

This one comes in so many beautiful colors which gives it a completely different look when you see it in some of the lighter shades

4. Girls plush reindeer purse

5.Girls dress ballet flats

Love the animal print on this one although the gold one will match so many more outfits

6.Girls ruffle dress

This one comes in a few slightly different styles.

7. Girls hair bands

8.Mini Melissa Mary Jane flat

Shoes are so tricky for us but Mini Melissa seems to always work for Chloe. Stylish and super comfy.

9. Girls gingerbread cookie bag

10.Girls velvet dress with white collar

11. Girls Holiday small purse

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