Things I recently bought to substitute beauty services

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Since my brows were getting less defined by the day and my gel manicure was a mess. I knew I had to take the  plunge and explore a few products that have become part of the new normal.

Manis and Pedis
I don’t know about you, but I’ve gotten used to getting a gel manicure every two weeks and a pedicure every four weeks, so let’s just say… My nails have been struggling. I’ve been relying on these goodies to make my nails look a bit more professional-looking.

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I’m obsessed with these little nail mitts. They’re easily the best, least-messy polish remover I’ve tried. Basically, you put your fingers into the mitt (one at a time), press, remove, and wipe off any polish.

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To really make your nail beds look clean, you need a kit with all the essential tools: clippers, a file, and nail pushers. This kit comes with all the things

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This is hands down the best top coat I’ve ever used. I swear: Even if you have a shaky hand when painting your nails, this stuff hides all of it. It’s a patented formula that dries really fast and basically fuses your nail polish to your base coat, creating hard, shiny, and professional-looking nails. It’ll make your nails so shiny and so perfect.

To keep my nails fresh and healthy-looking at all times, I apply a bit of cuticle oil before bed.

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Spa Massages
Before social distancing happened, I was trying to have a massage once a month. I always left feeling like a new woman, which actually makes sense because a lot of massages focus on the lymphatic system, which is a key driver in staying healthy. It’ll make you feel lean, energetic and boost your immune system. While I can’t really give myself a deep-tissue massage, I’ve made it a point to incorporate my own at-home rituals to help flush out toxins and keep my body feeling its best.

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I’m constantly having neck pain, especially now that between working from home  and homeschooling Im looking down at my electronic devices all the time. This little contraption is designed to massage those hard-to-reach trigger points on your neck and shoulders. It’s a game changer!

I’ve only been using this for a couple of weeks, but I feel like I’ve noticed a huge improvement: I feel less bloated. I first focus on one side of my body, using different parts of the paddle, depending on the area, about five times before moving on to the next section. You want to make sure you’re using it in an upward motion—the only exception is when you get to your core, then you want to use it going downward.

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This is one of my favorite. You can use it anywhere to relieve muscle soreness and tension from your neck, arms, and legs to your shoulders and back. I mostly use it on my legs. When you roll the large knobs over your skin, it basically gives you a deep-tissue massage, depending on the pressure you apply, of course.

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When I’m feeling lazy, I’ll use this electric body massager. I really love it! It comes with three different massage heads: one that’s catered towards exfoliating, another for cellulite, and one that mimics a deep-tissue massage. You can also adjust the speed to your liking.

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Salon Blowouts & Beach waves
A good blowout starts with good hair, and the products linked are what changed the game for me. My hair just feels so much lighter, healthier, and less frizzy because of it. If you are looking for volume check out the Pebble Beach-dry texture spray

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Like most people, I need to use conditioner otherwise my wet hair will be a tangled rat’s nest that’ll take forever to comb through. This stuff keeps my hair manageable and super shiny and soft.

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I always use some sort of heat protector beforehand. I’ve been spraying this it onto my wet hair and using a brush to comb it through. Aside from smelling really good, it also helps tame my frizz. (Thanks to all the humidity in Florida)

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This is seriously life changing! It’s a dryer, hot brush, and straightener all in one. I’ve never been able to give myself a salon-level blowout before this, and it takes me less than 10 minutes!

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Another product that I highly recommend its the T3 curling set because who doesn’t love beach waves

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Instead of waxing, I’ve just been tweezing. For me, it’s a much safer bet. I’ve just been following the shape of my brow line and plucking any stray hairs that are out of place.

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Hope this is helpful while we all adjust to our new normal



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