How to make work from home a success

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To successfully and productively work from home, designating an area in your home as your work area is a must. Along with creating a routine and building productive habits, you’ll also need an environment that helps you stay focused and get work done.

You may think that working from home means you need an office in a separate room (although that would be nice), but in fact you can make any area of your home your “office”. As someone who has been working from home for years I made a list of must have items to make working from home a million times easier.

Time to get organized

File Organizer

A file organizer is great to keep invoices, paperwork, receipts, and anything else you may have laying in a pile on your desk.

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I’m obsessed with planning- I love how productive my days are when I plan ahead!

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Desk Organizers

Regardless if you have a home office or are working from the kitchen table, a desk organizer is necessary.

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Computer & Phone Stand

If you didn’t know, the top 1/3 of your computer monitor should be aligned with your forehead. Elevating your monitors keeps you from looking down and helps keep your spine aligned in a neutral position, putting less stress on your lower back. Having a monitor too low puts pressure on your lower back, causes your shoulders to round forward, and overall promotes bad posture.

The acrylic design makes it look like you have more space on your desk and gives your desk a modern clean look.

If you work from a laptop, this stand is great to use. I love using this stand when I need a change of scenery and want to work at the kitchen counter or out on the patio.

I love that it’s acrylic because like the desktop stand, this makes the room look less cluttered and it has a modern vibe to it. You can use it vertically sitting at the couch or even sitting in bed with it horizontally across your lap.

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If you don’t own AirPods, these are a must have. These wireless are such great quality, can easily pair to any device, has a charging case and is even waterproof. I keep these at my desk in case I need to hop on a call.

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Phone Stand

It comes in multiple colors, holds almost every kind of phone, allows you to charge your phone while its resting on it and is a great price. The stand holds your phone at an angle you normally would hold it- it’s like having a third hand for under $20! Multitasking just got easier.

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USB Hub/Adaptors

USB hub makes working not just from home, but anywhere so much easier. This 6 port one comes in multiple colors. Using one of these eliminates a bunch of wires hanging off your desk going into an outlet, and for an extremely clean look you can get short USB wires to plug into your devices.

If you don’t need as many ports, there’s this asmaller one that’s works just as well!

I really do believe that once you start caring more about yourself, the more productive you will be and the more work you can get done.

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Some of my faves are:

Comfortable Slippers

I don’t like wearing PJs or sweats while working from home because I feel like that makes me less productive. So, I get my “fix” by wearing comfortable slippers all day.

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Mug Warmer

This one is dedicated to all the mamas out there who haven’t been able to finish her coffee while its hot. Or to anyone that likes coffee or tea.

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An Oil Diffuser

There are so many different oils you can diffuse and benefits for each one of them. Scents that boost your brain are peppermint, orange, and rosemary. If you’re new to oil diffusing,this is great- you get a 300 ML diffuser with 10 scents for a great price. You can use this in your workspace to boost productivity, in the kitchen for that fresh scent, or in you bedroom to relax.

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Blue Light Glasses

Blue light glasses can alleviate eye discomfort, improves sleep habits, reduces glare, and can decrease your risk of macular degeneration.

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Water Bottle

Keeping hydrated is important to get those brain juices going.

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