Amazing things that should be $100 but are super affordable

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I’m always on the lookout for something unique that can make my life meaningful, fun or a brilliant tool that will cut down time and make tasks easier!

I only recommend products I love and that I think you will, too. I may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this blog post

Car trunk organizer

No more letting all your stuff roll around in the back of the car with this trunk organizer! It’s made from a heavy-duty polyester material with eight pockets in different sizes. It has two pockets with flaps on the top, as well as two cylindrical pockets for smaller objects. On the bottom, there are four large, mesh pockets that are perfect for organizing drinks, toys, snacks, and more.

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Tile scrubber with long handle

This tile scrubber makes cleaning your bathroom a breeze with its extended handle. It features a durable scrubber with a pointed edge, so you can get into every nook and cranny in your tub or all the hard-to-reach spots in your bathroom. The extra-long handle extends up to 42 inches to easily scrub anywhere without bending down or needing a stool.

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Silicone ice trays

Whether you’re chilling water or cocktails, these flexible ice trays are a must-have. They’re made from BPA-free, food-grade silicone that’s really flexible so you can easily pop each cube out by pressing on the bottom.

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Reusable notebook

It looks just like a regular old notebook, but Rocketbook’s version features wipeable pages that you can scribble on with a special pen that’s included. Just write, then snap a pic with your smartphone to upload it to Rocketbook’s app, and wipe the ink away when you’re ready to restart. The app stores all of your notes for you so you’ll never lose them.

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Solar power charging bank

This solar power charging bank is the perfect device to take traveling . While you can plug it into a standard outlet to charge, it also features solar panels on the side so you can harness the sun’s power when outlets or electricity aren’t available. It also features USB ports for two devices, as well as a high-powered flashlight

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6 in 1 practical tool

It may look like a pencil, but this practical tool so much more. It’s actually a stylus that you can use with tablets and other touchscreen devices, as well as a ballpoint pen. And it features a spirit level, a ruler, a Phillips head and flat head screwdriver.

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Smart outlet

To use this smart outlet attachment, just pop it into an existing outlet and sync it up with your WiFi. It’s so popular with reviewers because you don’t have to use any kind of hub to activate it, so it’s compatible just with Amazon Alexa or your Google Home system. Plug in your lamps and other appliances, and you can turn them on and off with the sound of your voice. You can even use this outlet to set your lamps and appliances on a regular schedule.

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3 D Sleep mask

It features memory foam cups that gently cover your eyes without applying too much pressure. It also features two disc-shaped speakers sewn into the band, so you can sync it up via Bluetooth to play music from your phone. Just slip this headband on before you sleep, queue up your favorite playlist, and drift off to dreamland.

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Rechargeable candle lighter

No more dealing with fickle matches or empty lighters when you grab one of these rechargeable candle lighters. You can recharge it with a standard USB charger whenever it starts to run low. Then, just flick on the button to light your candles.

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LED cube lamp

You can instantly set the mood with this lamp . It can rotate between 16 vibrant colors or you can set it to one. You can even dim it for a softer ambiance in the evening if you’re having a dinner party or brighten it up to light up an entire room. The lamp comes with its own remote control, so you can switch it up from across the room.

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Mini bag sealer

With this heat sealer, you can re-use the original bag, keep foods and snacks fresher, longer and reduce food waste. 

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Fountain of youth

These under eye masks help reduce the appearance of aging skin, dark circles, puffiness, fine lines and crow’s feet.

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Aren’t these amazing? Which one is your favorite?

Looking forward to reading your comments



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